प्याज काटते समय आंखों से आंसू क्यों बहने लगते हैं…? समझिए इसके पीछे का विज्ञान

प्याज काटते समय आंखों से आंसू क्यों बहने लगते हैं...? समझिए इसके पीछे का विज्ञान

प्याज काटते समय आंखों से आंसू क्यों बहने लगते हैं…? समझिए इसके पीछे का विज्ञान
<पी शैली ="टेक्स्ट-एलाइन: जस्टिफ़ाई करें;">Why onion makes us cry: Different types of vegetables are cut daily in kitchens around the world. Onion is also included in these. We all know onion. This is a very simple vegetable which is used almost daily in all of our homes. Mainly onion is used in making vegetables, making pakoras and salads etc. Onion also has such a quality, about which everyone knows, but very few people know the reason behind it. Yes, here we are talking about that quality of onion, due to which tears start flowing from our eyes when we cut it. You may not have chopped onions for cooking, but because of this your eyes must have become moist at some point or the other. Let’s know why this happens…

that’s why tears come
While cutting onions, not only water comes from the eyes, but because of this, the eyes also start to feel intense burning and itching. Actually, onion contains a chemical called syn-Propanethial-S-oxide. Because of this chemical, water comes in our eyes. It affects the lacrimal glands of the eyes, due to which tears start coming from the eyes.

A research has also been done on this subject in Japan. According to this research, lacrymetry-factor synthase enzyme is the reason for watery eyes while cutting onions. Actually, when we cut or peel an onion, the lacrymetry-factor synthase enzyme present in it gets mixed in the air. After this this enzyme turns into sulfenic acid and starts getting into our eyes. This affects the lacrimal gland of the eyes and irritation and tears start coming in the eyes. The interesting thing is that even after burning sensation in the eyes, people who are fond of it do not stop eating it. Rather some people definitely need onion in the form of salad along with food.

Onion has these properties
Even though tears come from the eyes while cutting onions, but on the contrary, many qualities are also present in onions. Onions are found in good amounts of vitamins A, B6, C and E and many essential nutrients like sodium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber. We also get folic acid from onions. On the other hand, apart from all these, it also increases the taste of the food.

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