भारत के इस गांव में लगता है दूल्हों का बाज़ार, लगाई जाती है बोली

भारत के इस गांव में लगता है दूल्हों का बाज़ार, लगाई जाती है बोली

भारत के इस गांव में लगता है दूल्हों का बाज़ार, लगाई जाती है बोली

In Indian tradition, marriage is like a festival, in which the whole family and relatives gather. There are different types of marriages in each state. But if we tell you that there is a place in a democratic country like India where there is a market for grooms, then what would you think. This is not a joke, but the truth. One such market is decorated in Madhubani district of Bihar state of India, where grooms stand for sale. The girl’s people come and marry their daughter by bidding them. This market has been happening for decades and the people here play it like a tradition.

what is the name of this market

The name of this market is Saurath Sabha. It takes place every year in Madhubani, Bihar. This market takes place in the month of June to July, where marriageable boys and girls come. The groom stands in this market and the girl asks him about his qualification, his home, his family and his income. After which they decide whether to like the groom or to bid for it or not. If they like the boy, they put a pot on him and everyone gets to know that they have selected the groom.

All the responsibility lies with the male members

Men play the main role in this market. Only men choose the groom for their girl here and after that the men of both the families discuss with each other and decide how much the wedding will cost and what dowry or gift the girl will have to give to the boy. The amount of money the girl will spend on the wedding is decided by what the boy does and how much he earns.

a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years

This market of grooms, which is called Saurath Sabha, is not being held from today. Rather it has been going on for the last 700 years. It was started by King Hari Singh of Karnataka dynasty. He started this so that he could get people married in different gotras and there was no practice of dowry in these marriages. However, the changing society may have continued this tradition of marriages, but according to its convenience, dowry was definitely added to it.

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