5 ways to make online education interesting

5 ways to make online education interesting

If some things are kept in mind, online education can be made interesting. Now that students are in homes, they can be involved in many such activities, from which they will get to learn something.

The ‘new normal’ change of schools is online classrooms. By early 2023, mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices were considered education-oriented and largely missing from India’s education sector. During the epidemic, the education sector has been forced to rely on gadgets to provide quality education to students without hindrance.Studying on LCD screen continuously for 6 hours in a day can make you bored, so there should be a discussion on ways through which students studying at home can concentrate on studying with the happiness of their class.

Online morning assembly.

In the morning assembly, teachers and students make short prayers in the morning and have a ‘day thought’, which is the best way to start each day.Classes have been made online, this does not mean that the morning assembly cannot be online! The same routine can still be repeated at every class level, whichever teacher takes the first class can begin with morning prayer. They can give responsibility in return One who will listen to ‘Thoughts of the Day’ and can also give a student the responsibility to share what they have learned with an interesting class, or a drawing, or a poem and whatever is creative.

Interactive digital quiz.

Online quizzes can be the best way to maintain children’s interest in the classroom. This can be an honest and competitive medium to teach them. Such quizzes can be of three to four questions,Which can be answered in chat option. Quizzes can also be added to the middle of the class, like – answer three questions or at the end of a chapter, three questions related to the issue taught on finishing it etc. Either the teacher can award him the best performer or he can tell his parents about his achievement.

Activity based learning.

Now that students are in homes, they can be involved in many such activities, from which they will get to learn something. Power point slides and quizzes are great ways to prevent students from getting bored,In addition, younger students definitely prefer physical activities. Easy activities can be – finding real-life examples of shapes, including basic cooking without fire, in addition to using arts and crafts as answers to questions. Students will also get a chance to be creative and increase their energy.

Online hobby classes.

These days, due to threats from Kovid 19, children cannot go out for a break. Instead, the help of all kinds of online resources can be taken to develop their hobbies.Under this, activities like yoga, dance, music, cooking, kitchen gardening etc. can be taught online. They may not be involved in all the necessary activities, but are a good way to make students feel refreshed. Some of these activities can involve parents with themselves, this gives them time to spend time together.

Physical activities during classes.

Yes, it is possible. Continuously increasing screen viewing time has a bad effect on the eyes. Teachers should also take a few minute break and train them for eye muscle exercises. They are very easy and effective exercises.In a normal classroom where you cannot engage 30–40 children together in a physical activity, this can be done in an online class. Many physical activities can be included in a class, such as running fast to the nearest room and hugging a family member, jumping five times in one place.


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