Indians Live The Most In These 10 Countries Of The Whole World

Indians Live The Most In These 10 Countries Of The Whole World

Many people aspire to settle outside the country. Some dreams also come true, but have you ever wondered which country the maximum number of people go to from India? Which are the top 10 countries where Indians like to live the most? Please tell, Kuwait is at number 10 in this.

America comes at number 1

Millions of Indians aspire to go to America. The biggest reason behind this is the availability of all the necessary facilities there. According to a report, more than 46 lakh Indians live in America. On the second number is the United Arab Emirates, where 31.5 lakh people of India live.

More than 2.8 million people in Saudi Arabia

Malaysia comes at number three, where about 3 million Indians live. More than 2.8 million people reside in Saudi Arabia, one of the Gulf countries, which is at number four. Myanmar is at the fifth place in the list, where 20.8 lakh people live.

Millions of Indians live in Sri Lanka

Many people in India have a desire to go to UK. This is the reason that 18.30 lakh Indians are settled there. Due to this, he is at the 6th position in the list. You will be surprised to know that even in a poor country like Sri Lanka, 16 lakh Indian people live. This is the reason why this country is at the 7th position. The number of Indians in South Africa is more than 1.5 million, which is at number 8 in the list of Indians settled in any country.

Canada and Kuwait are in 9th and 10th place, where 10.16 lakh and 9.30 lakh people live respectively. Let us tell you, all the figures mentioned above have been taken from, which is the official website of the Government of India. It releases the data of people going out of India. This figure is of 2018.

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