Know Why There Are M And C Buttons In The Lift Read Before Getting Insulted

Know Why There Are M And C Buttons In The Lift Read Before Getting Insulted

If you are living in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore then you must have to use lift many times in your everyday life. Lifts are also installed in shopping malls, railway stations, metro stations, banks, hotels and even housing societies. You must have often seen that there are many buttons in the lift, in which apart from the floor number of the building, M and C are also written on some buttons. Now the question arises that what is the function of these buttons. So let’s know what is the work of these buttons.

What is the meaning of the M button in the lift?

If you find the M button in the lift, then you can immediately understand that it is related to Mezzanine. Mezzanine refers to the floor that is below the ground floor, but does not have a basement. So if you ever see this button in the lift and you press it, you will directly reach the Mezzanine Floor. You can see such buttons mostly in the lift of Delhi Metro station.

What is the meaning of the C button in the lift?

The C button in the lift is related to the Concourse. You will mostly see this button only in railway stations, metro stations or lifts in big buildings and hospitals. Let me tell you that if you press this button, you will reach a big hall called Concourse. In simple language, Concourse means such an entrance floor, where there is a big hall. Actually, as soon as you enter inside the airport or metro station, you must have seen that there is a big empty space, it is called Concourse.

Now understand the meaning of the RC button in the lift

You will hardly see this button in the lifts installed in India. Because it is mostly used in America and France. In fact, the terms ‘ground floor’ and ‘first floor’ are generally synonymous in English. That is, if you are in America and you see such a button, then understand that it has been used for the ground floor. That is, if you press the RC button here, you will reach the ground floor. Similarly, even if you use the RC button in the French elevator, you will reach the ground floor. Actually, RC is called Rez-De-Chaussee in French which means ground floor.

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