The only way to stop Corona. Just do it once. Mission 2023

The only way to stop Corona Just do it once. Mission 2023

Corona will be out of the world.

This mission will be 2023 only for the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and District Administration.

Hundred percent (100%) lockdown in entire country for just 1 month.

The only way to stop Karona
The only way to stop Corona
  1. No citizen will get out of the house.
    2. All the people will bring their ration to their house for 1 month.
    3. Whatever is the work, such as: banking, business and others. Will do all the work.
    4. All the educated people, from B.D.O, headman, sarpanch, social worker, will have to contribute whole heartedly to make this mission successful.

5. B.Sc, B.A, B.Com Pass All students (youth) should pay 2000 – 3000 rupees / month in their account from the government. So that he can continue his further studies and be devoted to his country. And could not take any wrong step.

The amount of money any government is spending on Daivai, hospitals, doctors and the like, put less money in its account for rationing the poor family. So that no one will starve in the country.

Note: You must have heard a saying, even the snake dies and the sticks do not break.

And all this work can be done very easily.

Otherwise, that day is not far off, when the king is no more, then the king will die. And only the king can do all this work, and it is also true that the king should always think in the interest of the subjects. Otherwise both will end. Your choice of government ahead.

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