Why Airplane Do Not Ever Flies Over The Himalayan Mountains Intresting Facts About Aeroplane And Mountains

Why Airplane Do Not Ever Flies Over The Himalayan Mountains Intresting Facts About Aeroplane And Mountains

Why airplanes do not fly over the Himalayas: Everyone has read about the Himalayas in school books since childhood. In school, children are taught that the Himalayas are the crown of the country. It is the security shield of the country. Its beauty can also be seen on TV and social media. Everyone likes to go for a walk in the mountains. But do you know that you cannot see its beauty while flying over it?

Yes, flying cannot be done over the Himalayas. You cannot travel over it. Actually, no route has been fixed for any passenger plane from the top of this Vishaykaya mountain. Now surely you would also like to know the reason behind it. But there are many reasons behind this, not just one. Let’s know…

weather is the first reason

The weather of the Himalayas keeps on changing continuously and remains quite bad as well. The weather here is not favorable for the flight of planes. Changing weather is very dangerous for planes. Air pressure is kept according to the passengers in the aircraft. But the wind conditions in the Himalayas are quite unusual which can cause huge damage to the travelers. That’s why no route has been placed on top of it.

Its height is the biggest reason

The biggest reason for airplanes not flying over it is its height. The height of the Himalayan mountain is about 29 thousand feet. Whereas, airplanes fly at an average height of 30 to 35 thousand feet. But the height of the Himalayas is dangerous for planes. Actually, during an emergency, there is only 20-25 minutes of oxygen in the plane, in case of emergency, the plane has to fly at a height of 8-10 thousand feet only, so that the passengers do not have any problem in breathing. But it is not possible to come from 30-35 thousand feet to 8-10 thousand feet in 20-25 minutes in this huge mountain range.

lack of navigation

There is proper facility of navigation in the areas of Himalayas. Here you do not have any navigation facility. In such an emergency, the aircraft cannot contact the air control. In the event of an emergency, the plane has to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport in the shortest possible time, while there is no airport built far away in the Himalayan regions. This is the reason why planes have to go round and round, but their route was not made over the Himalayas.

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