Why Are We Unemployed?

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 Why are we unemployed?

 The reason for this is low-level education, not only that, it is the government of all countries as well as every citizen of all the countries who are educated, because the government and educated people do not want the people of rural areas to move forward. Along with the country, illuminate the name of the whole world. And in this confusion, the government and the rich people, who are a little educated, are living thinking that the children of rural areas should always look down to the lowest level of good.

But our government and the bourgeoisie have forgotten that the people of low level just need the support of the straws, and even if they got some support. So that too can touch the sky, and it has all started, now gradually the people of poor families are also starting to become IAS, IPS, IAS, Collector, and the day is not far off which the people of low level i.e. village People will be the Chief Minister, Prime Minister and President.

The day the people of the village become the PM, CM and DM, and they will start working with honesty, on that day we can say with pride that the development of the country, not the country, will take place. And all this is going to happen soon too, because the children of rural areas only need to show the way, they have to walk themselves.

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