World Weirdest Tax Know What Is Bachelor And Toilet Flush Tax

World Weirdest Tax Know What Is Bachelor And Toilet Flush Tax

Go to any corner of the world, you will have to pay tax. Tax is not imposed only on your earnings, but a person pays many types of taxes everyday. Whatever you buy from matchstick packets to ration… you pay tax to the government unknowingly. Although, these taxes may not seem strange to you, but imagine if you have to pay tax to be a bachelor, pay tax to flush toilet, pay tax to get tattooed then how would you feel. This is not a joke! There are many places in the world where such strange taxes are imposed. Today we will tell you about these.

Where is the bachelor tax

There are many people in India who are single, that is, they are not married. Not only in India, there is a lot of such people in the whole world. Some people want to remain bachelor under compulsion, while some people choose such a life on their own free will. But if I tell you that you want to be or remain a bachelor, then you will have to pay tax. It is true that this happens at one place in the world. Actually, this tax is taken in the city of Missouri in the United States of America. Here 1 dollar is taken as tax from bachelor men of 21 years to 50 years.

Where is flush tax levied?

In a country like India, when you use an accessible toilet, you have to pay some money. But it is not like anywhere that you have to pay tax for using toilet flush. But there is a city in the world where toilet flush tax is taken from every house. Actually, this tax is imposed in Maryland. Where a toilet flush tax of $ 5 per month is imposed on every household to keep an eye on the expenditure of water.

fat tax in india

This type of tax is not applicable in a country like India. But here in Kerala, such a tax is levied which is quite different from the common taxes. Actually, fat tax is imposed here. Let us tell you that 14.5% fat tax is charged in Kerala, India. So that people eat less junk food and pay more attention to their health.

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